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This website is focused on two things…..The drawings by Peter D Paul and Main Street Postcards, which were of the Cities and Towns that he so enjoyed. We have added as many postcards as possible to the website, and figured we’d better explain what postcards are on the site and the differences of the style you will see. 

Lincoln Maine 1940’s

The Postcards in this collection are mainly of the Main Streets and “business blocks” from all over the Country. Many of the cards are hand colored cards from the 1900’s to the 1940’s, after which you will see more actual color photograph or ” chrome” style cards. Black and White photos are known as Monochrome and monochrome can also be shades of blue or green and many older cards are also printed in sepia. A few of the edits we have done where the actual card format was changed, to better bring out the details of the card. 

          Most of the cards are of the “Main Street” of the town, although the actual name of the street may be different. If you google many of these locations, the changes can be surprising. A few of the towns I have checked no longer exist and once proud buildings aren’t always kept in the best of condition. The postcards are edited to bring out the scenes and we try to present a day in the life of the town the best we can. 

The Postcards were often used to advertise the actual drug stores that sold them, so more than often you’ll see the store the postcard was sold in,  right in the picture. Old postcards are a great look back at many of the Cities and towns of America, back when Main Street was the place to be. A old postcard scene also tends to show the old signage of a town, and the old style cars that once dotted the street.

Postcards are often titled and listed under numbers, to allow the photographer and postcard maker  to restock the cards when the supply ran out. We have tried to log this information in our inventory as much as we can. We have also tried to list the studios and photographers on as many cards as we can. For certain state’s, you will notice the same studio as the photographer traveled across the State, taking the pictures as he went along. Usually, the postcard picture was taken without incident, and the people in the photo had no idea that moment in time would be frozen forever as they went about their daily lives. Many of the cards make what would be a ordinary scene stand out, as the colors and angles used make a plain old scene stand out. We have tried to stick to Main Streets, but you’ll find plenty of banks, diners and businesses mixed in as well, from about 1900 to the 1960’s.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome at

 This page has direct links to each State Collection, simply click the postcard for the State you wish to view. A_Birmingham_Greyound_ERN

While we are still working on the State of Alabama, we have amassed a nice collection  of old views from Alabama. (33/43)
33 is Total Towns Shown / 46 is total collection of Postcards for the State.


While we don’t expect a large postcard collection from Alaska , we have found a few to share. (21 / 47)
Also, for Alaska we have several Cities which have several cards which have their own pages. 


I’m not a big fan of the newer postcards, but this card from Prescott Arizona and the sky caught my attention. (37/49) 


There are a few States which finding colorful postcards can be difficult, but we are working to bring you as many as we can find. Nice view of Texarkana Arkansas above. (47/88)


California  has plenty of old postcards to add  and this postcard of Vine Street and Sunset Blvd. is only one of many in the collection. (147)


A few things I have always found interesting are old diners, bus stations, gas stations and old movie theatres.  Much of the old neon street signs are gone today, but the postcard above from Colorado shows what it was like. (91/155)


I like the old postcards that simply show a day in the life of the Town or City.  Above is Bristol Connecticut . The old cars on the street help to figure out just about when the postcard picture was taken. (71)


Delaware is one of the tougher States to find old postcards for, but we have gathered a few. There are likely several I am missing.


Washington DC is going to be a tough one. There are hundreds of old postcards for DC of different monuments , but we are looking for just a postcard of a street scene. This page will be up soon.


Just what I was looking for from Florida, Dunedin has the palm trees that really sets the tone.


Even postcards off an old Hotel or favorite local business often show the identity of a Town. Above is a postcard from Clayton, Georgia.


Hawaii is much like Delaware, Alaska and Rhode Island being tough to find postcards for. 


Many of the Midwest States actually have a nice record of old postcards available. Idaho has shown quite a collection of postcards, from the Cities to small towns.


Old of my favorite styles of old postcards, the colorized photograph. We have gathered many of the Illinois Cities and Towns, but have a long way to go.


There are a lot of postcards we have found from Indiana. And a lot more to add .


One of the more unusual town postcards, this one has a early plane flying overhead. Iowa has plenty of towns and we have plenty of postcards to share.


Hillsboro – Kansas
Kansas seems to have a endless supply of small towns with all views.


Corbin – Kentucky
Kentucky is one of those States that finding old postcard views can be tough.


Alexandria – Louisiana 
We have been able to gather a few Main Street views for Louisiana but  it’s again one of those States where you really have to look for the cards.


Bangor – Maine
Out of all the New English States, I think Maine has provided the most old street views of the group.


Centreville – Maryland
Considering that PeterDPaul.Com is based in Maryland ( Our home State )  , along with the sister website Kilduffs.Net , it should be of no surprise that our Maryland Collection is the most complete we have.
For Maryland – we Have : Aberdeen, Abingdon, Annapolis, Bainbridge ( Perryville really ) , Baltimore, Barclay, Belair, Berlin, Betterton, Boonsboro, Bozman  ,Braddock Heights, Cambridge, Catonsville, Centreville, Chestertown, Church Hill, Clearspring, Crisfield, Cumberland, Damacus, Denton, Easton, Elkton, Ellicott City, Emmittsburg, Federalsburg, Frederick , Frostburg, Gaithersburg, Glen Burnie, Grantsville, Greensboro, Griffith ( Still confused on this one ),  Hagerstown,  Hancock,   Havre de Grace, Hughesville, Hyattsville, Jefferson, Kennedyville, Laurel, Leonardtown, Libertytown,  Lock Lynn, Lonaconing, Mardela Springs, Marion Station, Manchester, Middletown, Mt Airy , New Market, North Beach, Northeast, Oakland, Ocean City, Oxford,  Perryville,  Pocomoke City, Port Deposit, Princess Anne, Reisterstown, Ridgeville,  Rising Sun, Rock Hall, Rockville, Salisbury, Sandy Spring, Sharpsburg, Snow Hill, St. Michaels, Stevensville, Sykesville, Takoma Park, Taneytown, Thurmont, Towson, Union Bridge , Upper Marlboro, Westernport, Westminster, Williamsport.


Boston – Massachusetts
Our Collection of Massachusetts Postcards has continues to grow.


Detroit – Michigan
We have a decent sized collection of postcards from Michigan.


International Falls  – Minnesota


Biloxi – MIssissippi


Kansas City – Missouri 


Billings – Montana 

The Montana Collection has reached 58 Different Cities and Towns and we are working on several pages where a location has more than one postcard.


Chadron – Nebraska 

      For Nebraska,  – so far we have Ainsworth, Albion, Alliance, Alma, Allen, Arnold, Atkinson, Auburn , Aurora, Avoca, Axtell, Bassett, Beatrice, Bellevue, Benedict, Bennington, Blair, Blue Springs, Bridgeport, Broken Bow, Chadron, Clarks, Clarkson, Clay Center, Coleridge, Columbus, Cook, Cortland, Cozad, Crete, David City, Delsher, Dix, Dorchester, Douglas, Edgar, Elgin, Elk City, Elm Creek, Exeter, Fairfield, Fairmont, Falls City, Fremont, Friend, Funk, Geneva, Gordon, Gothenburg, Grand Island, Grant, Greenwood, Guide Rock, Hansen, Hartington, Hastings, Hebron, Hickman, Hillreth,  Holdredge, Hooper, Johnson, Lawrence, Leigh, Lexington, Lincoln , Loomis, Madison, Martinsburg, McCook, Merna, Merriman, Mitchell, Nelson, Niobrara, Norfolk, North Platte, Oakland, Ogallala, Omaha, O’Neill, Orchard, Ord, Paxton, Peru, Pierce, Plattsmouth, Ponca, Red Cloud, Roseland, Sargent, Scottsbluff, Seward, Sidney, South Sioux Falls, Superior, Sutton, Valentine, Wahoo, Wayne, West Point, & York.


Las Vegas – Nevada

For Nevada, we have so far located 18 locations for postcards, and many of the Cities have several postcards for each posted.
For Nevada – So Far we have found…..Aurora ( Ghost Town View ) , Battle Mountain, Beatty, Boulder City, Carson City, Crystal Bay, Dayton, Elko, Ely, Eureka, Fallon, Garnerville,  Goldfield, Hawthorne, Las Vegas, Lovelock,  Mesquite, Reno, Sparks, & Topopah


Concord – New Hampshire


Orange – New Jersey 


Albuquerque – New Mexico


Buffalo – New York 


North Carolina


North Dakota
You can actually find a lot of North Dakota. The small towns seem to all have a few postcards available and we have collected quite a few, as seen on our page.


We are continuing to add to the Ohio Collection as it seems we always find a town or two that we are missing. We were surprised that we found very few cards for Cleveland though.


We have compiled a nice sized card collection for Oklahoma. Some of the Towns we found, in later research appear to no longer stand or have been greatly altered. 


There are some nice sights in Oregon and the old Main Streets from the State are no exception. 




Rhode Island 


South Carolina


South Dakota 
I know the card above has nothing to do with a Main Street, but it was so unique we had to use it. Our South Dakota Collection is a respectable sized page. 








41 Towns and Cities so far in the collection.






West Virginia 

One of the States we have worked hard on is West Virginia. The State is full of smaller Cities and Towns, and we have tried to stay on the Main Street Theme, but you’ll see a few postcards in the collection that are a little outside of the subject, but which really show the past of West Virginia. Don’t miss the old Greyhound Bus Station postcards from Charleston.





Wyoming Collection has reached 32 Towns and Cities, but I believe we have already got a few more to add.

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