Main Street Postcards with family members

Looking at these old postcards and seeing how many views of American Cities you can see, you can not miss the occasional  postcard that seems to capture a bit more of the day in the life of the American town. Many of the postcards I have found seem to have a child, or animal who appears to have been posed just for that picture.

A young boy on the empty street of Barton North Dakota who appears to be laughing while standing on the side of the road. There’s not another sign of life behind him.

Not to be outdone, a few Postcards have animals clearly the subject of the photo, as seen here in Oatman Arizona.

Postcards also show, in nearly all the cards made from 1910 to present, the love for the car.

And capturing people just acting odd, like the young man on the left hand side of the card.


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