Peter D – Welcome !

MS_MD_RockHall_ERN will have a selection of both drawings from Peter D. Paul and a large collection of old postcards from every State in the Country. To browse the collection – simply go to the Menu bar on top and the various pages should pop up. 


Peter D Paul hand drawn map of Concord,New Hampshire. 

Wyoming Maps

Wyomng Maps Currently available



Vermont Maps

There are two maps so far for Vermont



New Jersey Maps

Having lived in New Jersey for quite some time, I was a bit surprised that only one map for the State turned up 


If we can find some more maps of New Jersey, we’ll post them 


Peter D.

Welcome to the Peter D. Paul page for drawings from around the Country, and a few other places, that were drawn by Architect Peter D. Paul, while in New York City and Portland Oregon.


We have posted as many of the files that we could find, and for good measure, have added a postcard collection of Postcards of Main Streets from all over the Country.